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Are you looking for the best preschool or child care center in Vallejo, CA? We are happy to introduce you to Baby Love Family Child Care. A child is every parent’s priority, and we understand that as a parent, you desire the very best for your little one. This is why we have made it our aim to offer outstanding services at our center. We incorporate basic education, play activities, creative sessions and also rest for the children in a clean and organized environment. Your child will look forward to coming to our center every day!

We understand that as a parent, you may have a very tight schedule, so we provide safe transport to and from the center. All our staff can be fully trusted. We have strict requirements when hiring staff, and we ensure that each staff member has a passion for working with children. Our vision is to offer the best preschool services in this area.

We are happy to mention that we also receive children who have special needs. You do not need to be fearful if you have a child with special needs. We are fully equipped to take good care of this category of children, and we have staff who are specifically trained to handle them. Our staff will have learning sessions specifically designed for the children with special needs so that they do not miss out while the other children are progressing. We also have the special play items needed for them, so they can also participate fully at playtime. 

At Baby Love Family Child Care, we allow parents to visit at any time of the day to supervise our different sessions and even participate in the activities. This will give you more confidence in the quality of our childcare. 

Pay us a visit today! We are located in Vallejo, CA as well as the other surrounding areas like Daly City and San Francisco.