Child Care Service


Local Preschool

Have you been looking for a reliable childcare service or a local preschool in Oakland, CA? Then you will be happy to know that at Baby Love Family Child Care, we offer a combination of academic and child care services. We understand that most parents would want their child to receive a good balance of education and social activities within one center. At Baby Love Family Child Care, we incorporate academic, psychosocial and physical activities in our curriculum so that your child can receive an all-around experience.

At our center, we have an organized schedule for the children. The children learn at a young age to listen to instructions and also how to follow a systematic way of learning. We ensure that there is a balance between educational sessions and play sessions. We also offer nutritious meals and snacks at the center and make sure that each child is well-fed. During the creative sessions, the hidden talents of the children are revealed, and we will be able to give you positive feedback on the talents to nurture in your child.

We have regular parents' meetings because we value the feedback that we get from you as parents during those sessions. We are open to new ideas on how to improve the center, and we value your contribution. All our policies at the center are for the best interest of the children. We have a policy that sick children should remain at home until they fully recover. This is to quicken the recovery of the sick children and also to prevent the spread of the infection at the center. This is part of the many precautions that we take to keep our center safe for all children.

So whether you are looking for a child care service or a local preschool, we will meet your need. We are in Oakland, CA and also in other areas like Daly City and Vallejo. Call us today. We look forward to serving you!