Preschool In My Area


24 hour Preschool

Do you live in Daly City, CA? Have you been searching for ‘preschool in my area’? Well, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a 24-hour preschool located right here in your neighborhood! Come to Baby Love Family Child Care where we offer 24-hour services. We understand that situations may occur where you may need to leave your child at our center on the weekends or during the night, and we decided to meet this need by extending our opening hours to 24 hours.

At Baby Love Family Child Care, your child’s safety and security are of utmost importance to us, and we have very strict security measures in place to ensure that your child will be very safe in our center during the night or during the weekends. We have also ensured that our facility has no health hazards. We have employed safety measures that have minimized the risk of an electrical accident. You can, therefore, have peace of mind when your child is at our center.

Our staff are very dedicated and committed to serving the children. They are flexible to the needs of each child, and in every scenario, they venture to do what is best for the child. During the lessons, the teachers incorporate the alphabet, storytelling, narration of poems, and also some games to make the learning experience more exciting. Our aim is to make our education sessions enjoyable so that the children see school positively and look forward to the next stage of their schooling.

We are confident that you will not need to search for ‘preschool in my area’ anymore because you have just found an excellent 24 hour preschool in your area. Pay us a visit today! We are located here in Daly City, CA as well as in the nearby areas of South San Francisco and Oakland.