School for Children


Preschools Around Me

Have you been looking for a school for children and you have searched online for ‘preschools around me’ in South San Francisco, CA? We have an excellent answer for you! Our center is called Baby Love Family Child Care, and our desire is to offer the best preschool services in this area.

At Baby Love Family Child Care, we understand that the foundation of a child’s education is vital for the first years in school and generally for the child’s future. With this in mind, we endeavor to give a solid and strong educational foundation to the children at our center. The positive results of what we teach them are usually seen when they leave our center and start school. They are able to make a smooth transition.

We offer programs for both preschool and kindergarten, and we have a maximum of 6 children per teacher. With this ratio, we ensure individualized attention to each child, and our teachers are able to help each of them to grasp the lessons according to their level of understanding. 

At Baby Love Family Child Care, we understand the importance of creating a good environment that is conducive to learning. We have plenty of space which is well organized. There is a reading area, an area for the toys and games, and an area for meals. We also have the right furniture for children. Our children are able to enjoy a quiet atmosphere during lesson time, and our center is well-equipped with plenty of learning materials as well as age-appropriate creative arts items for the children to learn and play with. 

We believe that you now have no reason to continue looking for a school for children or to search online for ‘preschools around me’. Our center is the best in South San Francisco, CA. We are also present in Vallejo and San Francisco. We look forward to your call!